Getting to your dentist immediately is key to maintaining your dental health. However, there are things that you can do to prevent damage. Read on to identify common dental emergencies and a few tips on how to handle them before reaching your dentist. These points will be discussed below.

Knocked out tooth

It’s possible to lose a tooth from landing on your face or getting hit in the mouth. If you play certain sports, your risk of knocking a tooth out becomes higher. Before reaching the dentist, make sure that you gently pick your tooth up and avoid touching any part of the root. Rise the tooth off to remove germs, then put it back into your socket if possible. If this cannot be done, keep your tooth in a container of milk and bring it to your dentist. When you immediately receive care, your dentist will be able to restore your tooth without complications.

Tooth infection

Did you know that severe tooth decay increases your risk of developing an infection? If this happens, you may experience severe pain in the affected tooth and swelling in the surrounding area. What’s dangerous about tooth infections is that they can spread to the other parts of your body if bacteria enter your bloodstream. A tooth infection can lead to situations that can threaten your life; thus, it is essential to provide immediate care for an infected tooth. Holding an ice pack or cold washcloth against your jaw, as well as taking over-the-counter pain medication will give you temporary relief before you get treated by an emergency dentist.

Jaw pain or injury

In the instance of severe or persistent jaw pain or injury, you should receive care from an emergency dentist. Damage to the jaw can affect your ability to close or open your mouth smoothly and make it hard for you to speak or chew food. The cause of jaw pain can be other problems that require immediate treatment. These can be an infection, advanced gum disease, or severe tooth decay. When emergency dental care is done, it helps you identify the cause of your jaw pain or ensure that you receive proper care for an injury. The type of treatment you’ll need will depend on the underlying cause.

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