Missing teeth can be embarrassing, but high-quality dentures can restore your smile. At Addisville Dental in Richboro, Pennsylvania, Harsimrat Sandhu, DDS offers customized dentures. Dr. Sandhu crafts full or partial dentures that meet your unique needs. Your dentures match the appearance of your natural teeth, providing a seamless appearance. Dr. Sandhu’s expertise also ensures a secure, comfortable fit. If you need dentures, look no further than Addisville Dental. Call the office today, or schedule an appointment online.

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What are dentures?

Dentures are an affordable option for many patients with missing teeth. Unlike implants, these prosthetic teeth are fully removable. At Addisville Dental, Dr. Sandhu provides both partial and complete dentures.

Partial dentures are ideal for people who still have some of their natural teeth. Your partial dentures can fill in the gaps and create a consistent appearance. If you’re missing all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, Dr. Sandhu may recommend full dentures, which fit over your gums to restore the complete arch of missing teeth.

How can dentures improve my smile?

Many people are embarrassed about the gaps in their smile. If you have several missing teeth, you may be reluctant to smile, talk, or eat in front of others.

Dentures can restore your self-confidence. Your dentures are crafted using a natural-looking acrylic base. The base is custom-fitted and blends into your gums. Artificial teeth are then attached to the base.

Each artificial tooth is designed to look as natural as possible. A custom-made set of dentures is virtually identical to a patient’s natural teeth. No one except your dentist can tell the difference.

How are dentures fitted?

In the past, dentures were often clumsy and poorly fitted, but modern dentistry offers comfortable, discreet options for people with missing teeth.

At Addisville Dental, Dr. Sandhu offers comprehensive denture consultations. First, she measures your mouth and takes X-rays. Dr. Sandhu also makes impressions of your remaining teeth and gums.

Next, Dr. Sandhu creates temporary models of your dentures. You can try out these temporary dentures to get an idea of how your dentures will fit. Dr. Sandhu then checks the fit and makes any necessary adjustments.

Finally, you receive your set of custom-made dentures. Dr. Sandhu shows you how to insert and remove your new dentures. She also explains how to care for your dentures at home.

Do my dentures need any special care?

Your dentures need regular cleaning. Dr. Sandhu can recommend the best at-home cleaning products. The Addisville Dental team also lets you know which foods or drinks to avoid.

After you receive your dentures, keep up with your routine dental exams and cleanings. Your mouth still needs professional care. Bring your dentures to each visit at Addisville Dental. During your exam, Dr. Sandhu checks your dentures for damage and a proper fit.

Are you considering dentures? Let Dr. Sandhu help you explore your options. Call the office today, or schedule an appointment online.