To lose a tooth or two is a misfortune. However, if you are living in today’s world—which obviously is—now is not the time to feel sad if you have missing teeth. There are plenty of dental restorations available in many dental offices nowadays like crowns, bridges, implants, to name a few. Your old friend, dentures, are still offered too.

Dentures may seem traditional, but they indeed are continually improved to offer better functionality to wearers. For someone who is about to consider the said teeth replacement, they might come across the oozing pros, cons, and false information about it on the internet. But myths will remain ‘myths’ if they aren’t corrected. So let us at Addisville Dental straighten things out. Below are the misconceptions about dentures and the facts behind them.

Myth 1: Dentures deprive wearers of eating the foods they like

At first, eating with dentures may seem uncomfortable. But once wearers get used to their teeth replacements, munching foods will no longer be a problem. They are free to enjoy all the goodies that they love without any challenge.

Myth 2: Many people will laugh at you if you have dentures

For those who are worrying about the embarrassments that they might experience upon wearing dentures, erase this wrong thinking in your mind. Modern dental restorations are enhanced. Both their aesthetics and functionalities are improved. Speaking and chewing difficulties only show up during the first days of wearing dentures, but as days passed by, everything will work out in favor of the wearers.

Myth 3: Investing in dentures is a mistake

It is not wrong to replace damaged teeth with dentures. Pulling the problematic pearly whites and getting fake teeth is not something that patients should regret. The thing they should feel sorry for is if they don’t take action in preventing damaged teeth from harming their overall oral health and wellness.

Myth 4: Dentures are for oldies only

Just because dentures are commonly worn by old people, young patients can’t get the said oral device for themselves. Remember that age is not the basis dental professionals use when recommending their patients a specific dental restoration. If the dentist says that you need dentures, know that it is for your own good.

Don’t be afraid to replace your lost smiles with dentures just because of the stereotypes! You deserve a complete set of pearly whites.

Let us at Addisville Dental know if you are considering Dentures in Richboro, PA so we can discuss with you further. Our office is only a visit away. We are located at 928 2nd St. Pike, Unit 4, Richboro, PA 18954.

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