For everyone who has always been conscious of how their teeth look but are even more conscious of undergoing a traditional orthodontic treatment, the Invisalign approach is for you! Instead of bonding metal brackets and wires on the teeth, clear thermoplastic materials are molded to fit over the bottom and upper dental arches. When worn, constant yet much-controlled pressure is being applied on the teeth to guide them to their proper places. Knowing all these can make anyone think of giving the procedure a go. However, before doing so, here is a list of things everyone has to know about Invisalign as prepared by Addisville Dental.

Invisalign are invisible, but they can be heard

What makes Invisalign aligners stand out among other orthodontic treatments is its virtually invisible appearance. However, first-time wearers may notice that they lisp when speaking or have trouble pronouncing certain words. Understand that this is only temporary, as soon as the mouth adjusts to the appliance, no one would ever notice any lisp.

Losing weight is possible

This feat becomes possible since cravings become more of trouble instead of satisfaction. Why? That is because Invisalign wearers are advised to clean the appliance and their teeth after every meal. As a result, patients may begin to ask themselves if snacking on something at 2 PM is worth it. Due to this, people may notice that their clothes are starting to loosen, but they are getting more energy.

Invisalign is less painful

The main concern of people getting orthodontics is the pain associated when having the appliance adjusted every month. The good news is, Invisalign aligners do not hurt as much compared to its metal counterpart.

Toothpaste is a no-no

Aside from not brushing the appliance after meals, one more factor that can cause the device to discolor is by cleaning it using toothpaste. The said oral product is too abrasive for the thermoplastic material used, and it can even lead to harmful buildups and unpleasant odors. Using a mild soap when cleaning the orthodontic appliance is ideal.

Patients need to wear the aligners

The feature of being removable is one of the reasons why many are enticed to give Invisalign a go. However, aside from being convenient, it can sometimes lead to trouble since patients may not wear it as much as advised. For best results, wearing the clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day is best observed.

It is not the right treatment for everyone

Although Invisalign can correct most orthodontic issues, know that not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. That said, for a particular patient to find out if they are qualified for a clear aligner approach, scheduling an initial consultation is best performed.

To know the things to expect with Invisalign treatment, it is best for patients to ask the dentist everything they need to know during the initial consultation. It should include the expected treatment duration for them to set realistic expectations.

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